Bees are a distinguished part of our farming heritage

Mating NucsBill Ferguson has raised bees in Huron County, Ontario for almost 60 years, producing Buckfast queens and nucs for beekeepers across the USA and Canada.  We believe our current stock is superior to any we have ever worked with.

Our honey and wax products are made by us and hand-packed with pride on location.

We offer 100% unpasteurized honey made in small batches to ensure the consistent and superior quality. Discover and enjoy the different honey varieties naturally created by Canada’s seasons, from Spring Dandelion honey to beautiful mild Clover honeys of Summer and the distinctive Goldenrod honey of Fall.

We are open year-round, so come for a visit and return home with some of Huron County’s bounty!


  • Thursday 9am-5pm
  • Friday 9am-5pm
  • Saturday 10am-3pm

Covid-19 Note

We accept orders online and by phone. Please call ahead with your credit card information. We will fulfil your order and place it outside our retail store for curbside pick-up.